tobacco sandals
custom black buffalo $135
black buffalo w/ fire overlay
oregon country fair logo sandals
off the rack no thongs- $95 in four colors
off the rack toe thongs -$95 in four colors
penny and pile of sandals
penny holding sandals
penny's sandals custom pair $135
reggae sandals
purple w/ mettalic stars
purple with mettalic stars
About the Sandals....Whether the sandals are custom made for your feet or they are "off the rack" the quality of my workmanship is the same for both, I cut no corners. All sandals are washable and resoleable. The sandals have a heavy density compression foam insole that molds to your footbed and a 100% rubber vibram sole.  All the sandals made from earth colors( black, tobacco, chocolate and redwood) I use buffalo or bullhide. The rest of the sandals are made from Bullhide. The sandals are available with a toe thong or without a toe thong.

Custom fitted sandals start at $135.00.  You need to send me a tracing of your foot to order a pair of custom fitted sandals. Just stand on a piece of computer paper barefoot and have someone trace around your foot holding the pen straight up and down. Make sure they draw inbetween your toes when they do this. (See Photos)

Of course I can make your custom fitted sandals really special if you like. Moons and stars, lightning bolts just about anything you can imagine that will fit somewhere on the sandal I can do. All of these special additions cost extra so we can discuss this when you place your order.
"Off The Rack" sandals are presized and cost $95.00. They are available in four colors, black, tobacco, chocolate and redwood, with or without a toe thong. They are made out of either buffalo or bullhide. They are available in five sizes, small, pl(penny lou's size), medium, large and extra large. You can send me a foot tracing to see if your foot will fit any of these or check the measurements below to see if you fit in any of these.
Small    9-3/4" length by 4" width
P.L.      10"     length by 4-1/16" width
med.    10-1/2" length by 4-1/2"   width
lrg         11"    length by 4-1/2"   width
exlrg     12"     length by 4-3/4"  width

Washing instructions for the Sandals
First, fill your sink (or some suitable basin) with warm water. Next, remove the laces from your sandals and place sandals and laces into basin of warm water. Let soak for approximately 15 minutes. Rub laces gently to remove dirt. Gently massage sandal with hands or a very soft brush to remove excess dirt. Make sure to clean foot bed, toe thong and heel of esch sandal. If water is excessively dirty, drain and fill with new warm water. Now, with a mild, PH balanced shampoo, wash your sandals and laces thoroughly eith your hands or a very soft brush making sure all dirt is removed. Rinse sandals and laces thoroughly with warm water. Air dry. Avoid extreme temps like direct sun or fireplace.