original cool shoes
grey bullhide with light grey trim
blue bullhide with light blue trim
blue side elastic with beadwork
brushed brown cow with beadwork
tobacco with flying hearts
black cowhide with front elastic
 fancy cool shoe and moccasin
purple with ivy
light blue with blue trim w/ inlaid lightning bolt
tobacco with chocolate trim
dark gry cow with light grey trim
front elastic blue
front elastic brown
original cool shoe $200
tobacco with snake trim
Fashioned after the "tai chi" black fabric shoes. These have a flat 100% vibram rubber sole. All are made from washable leather and have a heavy density compression insole that molds to your foot. I have leather in all the colors of the rainbow.  All "cool shoes" are machine washable and resoleable. Starting price is " $200.00. Contact me for measuring directions as each style of "cool shoes" is unique. Once we work out the details of your pair I can tell you what measurements I will need.
Washing directions for "cool shoes".  Washing by hand...Fill a basin with warm water. Using your hands wash the shoes with PH balanced shampoo then rinse thoroughly. Air dry, avoid extreme temps like direct sun or fireplace.If using a machine use the gentle cycle and warm water.